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“Join 4-H” Open House Scheduled from 7 to 8:30pm on Thursday, October 8 at Ted Blum 4-H Center of Somerset County, NJ

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Since London joined the Crazy Clovers 4-H Prep Club two years ago, and her sister Maddie joined in the fun last September, I’ve been posting about the good times our family has enjoyed at the club meetings and the annual Somerset County 4-H Fair.  If London and Maddie’s 4-H adventures sound like fun, I’d encourage those of you with kids in first grade through high school to come out with your family to the “Join 4-H” Open House on Thursday, October 8th from 7:00 to 8:30pm at the Ted Blum 4-H Center in Bridgewater, New Jersey. Kids in Grades 1-3 (like London and Maddie) can join 4-H Prep. Kids in Grades 4-12 can join a standard 4-H club. Lots of Somerset County 4-H clubs will be represented with booths at this event…from 4-H Prep Clubs like the Crazy Clovers to specialty clubs, including: dogs, chickens, horses, cows/steer, rabbits, reptiles, scientists, chefs and more. To give you an idea of what goes on in a typical 4-H Prep Club, for the last two years our club met twice a month from November through June. On separate evenings throughout the first year, we had “guest speakers” from a dog club and a goat club, and our club attended a meeting of the chicken club. Last year, we had a double dutch jump roping club demonstration; a hands-on visit with the snakes, bearded dragons, and leopard geckos of the reptile club; a tour of the train yard in Raritan; a visit to a glass-blowing studio in Branchburg; we built our own rockets one night and launched them with the rocket club one Sunday afternoonin the Spring; and had lots more fun.  On meeting nights when our club members weren’t sampling the other clubs, the 4-H families took turns leading the meetings:

  • Last year, our family led the club in cooking Rice Krispie treats; this year, London, Maddie, Rex and I hosted a Lorax (from Dr. Seuss) flower pot project for Mother’s Day;
  • Another family supervised the construction of catapults using mouse traps and marshmallows;
  • One family led the kids in a game based on “Picnic,” with each member choosing an animal (with same starting letter as their name), then expanding on this to discuss the natural habitat of the animals selected, using hand-out maps of the continents.
  • We did science experiments involving lava lamps, sound waves and vibrations; and
  • We made crafts, including one night when the kids created special pins for Mother’s Day by coloring Shrinky Dinks and shrinking them down in a toaster oven.

This year, at one of our club’s October meetings, I’m hoping to re-enact a favorite activity from my 4-H Prep Club, the Branchburg Beavers. It’s been about 35 years, but I still remember the meeting when our whole club carved pumpkins together.

.Since his first visit to the 4-H Fair in 2002, Rex has been enthusiastic about the prospect of owning chickens, so in addition to our 4-H Prep Club meetings, we’re going to try to sit in on some of the Wattles and Snood club meetings this year to learn more about the process of raising chickens.

In 4-H, you can learn about science, go-karts, animals, rocketry, clothing, creative arts, food & nutrition, while developing leadership skills and public speaking and much more. Best yet, you can have FUN and meet new friends too!

For more information, call the 4-H Office: (908) 526-6644 or visit online at

“Join 4-H” Open House: Thursday, October 8th from 7pm to 8:30pm

Ted Blum 4-H Center of Somerset County, 310 Milltown Road, Bridgewater, NJ

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